Formulating marketing strategies for places is one of our core strengths and we cover all aspects. From helping a place shape its vision and values, through to detailed delivery of a marketing plan, we work closely with our clients every step of the way. We understand the complex requirements of the audiences and organisations that our clients represent, and so our experience in planning and conducting these campaigns means that we can maximise the effectiveness of all marketing channels, whilst getting the most from the budgets set.

We can take you through a staged process of how to develop a BID from an initial feasibility study and business consultation to the development of the business plan and organisation and management of the ballot. We have successfully developed and guided BIDs in hundreds of locations across the UK.

The majority of BID locations approaching a ballot for a new term have teams in place delivering the projects required. They may well not require additional ‘on the ground’ support, but instead some expert technical guidance throughout the new term ballot process. We have extensive experience of new term ballots and unrivalled connections with ballot voters at Head Office level alongside an unrivalled track record of success.

Savills Place provides ongoing BID management support to numerous locations. The bespoke provision can include supporting the BID in maximising delivery and ensuring that good governance and protocols are in line with the BID Regulations. Other support available is strategic guidance, governance advice, business planning, marketing and communication planning, campaign plans, human resource support, recruiting support, budgeting and finance resource.