Published by Sophie Daly, Senior Digital Marketing & Commercial Campaigns Executive

April 26, 2024

On Thursday 11th April, members of the Savills Place team visited the Savills London Office to deliver a presentation at an internal Lunch & Learn event. This type of event brings people together from across the business in an informal atmosphere, to collaborate and learn about an area of Savills they may not be too familiar with, whilst dipping into a delicious lunch.

Surveyors were in attendance to gain insight into Savills Place and two of the service lines offered across retail, outlet, and leisure schemes.

The Surveyors were welcomed by Chris Burton, Associate Director, Laura Fitzgibbon, Associate Campaigns & Communications Manager, and Sophie Daly, Senior Digital Marketing & Commercial Campaigns Executive. This was an opportunity for the team to showcase expertise within the place-shaping industry, specifically around PR & Influencing and Paid Media Advertising.

After Chris introduced Savills Place, the focus shifted to a presentation on Paid Media Advertising. Sophie pin-pointed the many advantages of using paid media advertising, demonstrating the team's knowledge and the rationale of including Paid Media in a marketing strategy. The presentation covered paid media marketing platforms and their benefits, the client and customer journey, and case studies to illustrate strong results and return on investment (ROI). The Savills Place mission is to ensure compelling and eye-catching content is created across various channels to ensure effective reach and engagement with the target audience for each scheme.

Laura then introduced PR & Influencing, a service offered to Savills Place clients, which focuses on managing the relationship between a brand and its target audience. The importance of aligning marketing and PR, and the steps taken to create an effective PR strategy was covered, and examples were shown to showcase how the team takes opportunities to jump on trends and try new things, to create reach and build a positive reputation.

To build meaningful relationships with a target audience, shape brand perception, and manage crises effectively, Laura spoke about the key components of PR and services Savills Place therefore delivers including Media Relations & Press Releases, PR Moments/Stunts, Crisis Management, and Influencer Activity.

Laura also covered Influencer services offered by Savills Place, including campaigns, events, and gifting. This segment provided surveyors with insight into how influencers impact customer decisions, and how the team strategically executes campaigns. A deep dive into the pros and cons of working with influencers was included, as well as a discussion on 2024 trends, such as the importance of authenticity, long-term partnerships, and short videos.

It was important to involve the Surveyors by including interactive elements like quick fire questions. This was a fantastic addition that encouraged active participation and engagement.

How would you have scored?

  1. The average amount of daily time spent online in the UK in 2023?
  1. 3 hours 41 minutes
  1. 59 minutes
  1. 7 hours 2 minutes
  1. ​Estimated Social Media users worldwide in 2024?
  1. 9.9 million
  1. 5.7 billion
  1. 2.4 billion
  1. Who has more followers on Instagram - traditional influencer versus modern influencer?
  1. BBC News, UK
  1. Khabane Lame, Creator/Meme

We’re looking forward to our next Lunch & Learn session with the broader Savills business, where we'll showcase additional service lines offered within the agency.

Answers. 1) A 2) B 3) B (BBC News 27.4M v. Khabane 80M)

Question 1: Top trends from our latest look at people's online lives, Ofcom
Question 2: Social Media Statistics, Sprout Social 
Question 3: Instagram