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    Bespoke Research Commissions


Offer bespoke strategies covering operating models, commercialisation opportunities and enlivenment recommendations for five markets across Buckinghamshire.


This report utilised a wide-reaching research methodology to gather a robust understanding of the general street markets in Buckinghamshire in order to review the current situation and ascertain the best course of action going forward. These methodologies included those to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, that range from interviews with key stakeholders, analysis of financial and footfall data, and numerous flâneur visits.

Data collected and methodology utilised included:
Quantitative Findings;
Analysis of financial data of each market and the co-operative
Analysis of footfall data
Likert scale ratings from flâneur impressions

Qualitative Findings;
Flâneur study impressions
Stakeholder interviews
Regional market operator surveys
Nationwide market operator interviews
Case studies of markets operating under different models nationwide
Place audits of Amersham, Aylesbury, Chesham, High Wycombe and Winslow

Further research undertaken for case studies and place audits included both primary and secondary sources of information. Primary sources included interviews with market operators and financial and footfall data provided by Buckinghamshire Council. Desktop research was used as a secondary source.


41% of market operators were reporting reductions in footfall, spend and trader numbers 

Up to 89% of UK markets are operated by Local Authorities 

27% of market operators report making a loss 

88% of market traders are aged 41-60 

91% of markets us social media for promotion 

68% of market visitors are aged over 50