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Maria Chapman-Beer

Policy Manager


Maria Chapman-Beer

Maria began working with BIDs in 2004 and has worked with and led BIDs through their first ballot and through renewal. Before entering the BID world, Maria worked within the retail sector for 25 years, including having her own retail business for 12 of those years. Maria is also a Prince 2 Project Management Practitioner.

Having started working within BIDs when they were just evolving, Maria has learned the industry from ground level upwards, from Project Manager through to Interim Chief Executive, and is therefore aware of the challenges at all levels. Maria is experienced in the development of BIDs from feasibility through to ballot and also with renewal ballots. Maria’s extensive knowledge of BIDs, including governance and policy, is a great asset and the experience of working in her own retail business and running businesses for others gives her the understanding of trading on the High Street and changing economic climates.