Project Manager

Location: Ipswich

Job Type: Full Time

Application Deadline: 29/04/19

Purpose of the role

The purpose of the role is to provide client management to various aspects of Savills Place-Shaping and Marketing (a subsidiary of Savills Management Resources Ltd). This comprises supporting the Savills Place-Shaping and Marketing Associate Directors in the developing, renewing and managing of BIDs. The role will require regular travel including overnight stays.  The company will meet the cost of such business expenses.

Main Duties

  • Full coordination and project management of the development contracts.
  • Providing support and project management on renewing contracts.
  • Assistance on a number of existing and long-term Savills Place-Shaping and Marketing contracts (e.g. Hemel Hempstead and Uxbridge).
  • Full coordination of one-off projects.
  • Full coordination both from offsite and onsite of external resources/contracts for the fulfilment of project requirements.
  • Management of the project management software system including all necessary administration to ensure accurate and up to date data at all times.
  • Using project management system to keep financial data including billing and costs well managed and up-to-date.
  • Ensuring that research targets are reached and that data collected is valuable, accurate and includes all fields required.
  • Involvement in developing BIDs with the processes and regulations necessary in setting them up and their place shaping opportunities.
  • Writing, proofing and presentation of business plans that set Savills Place-Shaping and Marketing clients out as industry leading.
  • Presentation of data to clients, ensuring that Marketing Department has approved all presentations.
  • Following the Savills Place-Shaping and Marketing 5 Stages of BID development model to ensure that high standards are maintained for the client.
  • Ensuring that when handling data, it is used in a manner compliant with all relevant data protection law.
  • Creation of marketing and communications plans for all BID developments.
  • Helping existing BIDs with maximising the impact of their marketing through strategic advice on marketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring clients are communicated with weekly with an update on progress on their projects, involving conference calls and email updates to suit the clients needs.
  • Liaising with internal staff to ensure the full team is aware of the progress on any specific project.

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation. 

To apply please email your CV and covering letter to